Forget about the kids: I declare naps and recess for adults

So my last post was about how we manage our time and the relationship we have with time. I have often thought about this and is something that I think kids get right (ok so maybe we get it right for them, good old forced nap time). I mean when you’re younger, full of energy, and don’t even really have a concept about time (other than you want everything NOW) you get nap time and recess. To this end I have always asked what the HELL do they need nap time for? Oh right they might get cranky if they don’t get nap time. Well guess what folks adults get cranky too when they don’t get enough sleep and I say that any culture who has implemented the Siesta has got things right.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing cultural relationships with time that I have seen while traveling and observing work cultures all over the world has been the Flinstone (if you don’t know what this is then we can’t be friends) complete shut down. I once had the pleasure of working in an extremely small community where everyone and everything shut down when the clock struck noon. I mean it was absolutely amazing to watch as people poured out of the work place between 12pm and 1pm to join their families. They had lunch, they talked, they played games, the whole community was involved and for that 1 hour no one was thinking about work. This was essentially the community recess. People were let out to play, to be themselves, to not be consumed by the work they were doing. It was absolutely beautiful.

The community had a beautiful ebb and flow and really taught me a lot more about life. We as worker bees making this planet spin round and round need to really take time for ourselves. It is so easy for us to get wrapped up and to truly believe that we are so damn important and that this piece of paper or that contract or that whatever the hell it is so friggin’ pressing that it can’t wait for 2 minutes. Our world is speeding up faster and faster and I wonder when fast will become too fast for everyone. Can we increase production infinitely? can we speed up our lives any more?

What happens when you are in your car and you are driving faster and faster, the scenery around you becomes more blurry. Well living life is really not that much different. We say it all the time but we don’t do anything to make it happen, we need to slow ourselves down, we need to appreciate where we are and appreciate what is around us. Because if we don’t slow down there is always a higher chance that we might just crash!

So this is what I want to know, what slows you down?

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