Don’t fail to have a great career

When Larry Smith’s video from TEDx Waterloo first came out I was one of the first people to watch it in awe. I loved it, Mr. Smith was speaking my language. It’s true you know, most people will fail to have a great career. Not for any other reason than they have let themselves, in fact they have even talked themselves into a career that is not as stellar as the one they once imagined or dream of now. That’s not to say that many others along the road don’t help out but man do we, as human beings, usually do a number on ourselves. We talk to ourselves a lot in negative tones, in disbelief, and we are really afraid of failure. What if we slip up? What if we look silly? ‘What if’s’ out the ying-yang and instead we often choose the easiest path, the one that is filled with praise, A’s, and gold stars. We choose the path that those around us tell us (sometimes openly, sometimes¬†inadvertently, sometimes what we have convinced ourselves to hear) we will be best at. Now most of you will get in this ‘chosen’ career and feel comfortable, you will learn along the way to deal with some of the bumps, you will put in several years months (remember I’m dealing with millennials now and believe me, we, yes I’m close to being one of you, think we should go from school to CEO and that we could run the company better than anyone) before you start to resent how the office/place of employment runs.

Well Larry Smith has some wonderful things to say about all of this so I will leave you with him now. But please do think of 2 things for me:

  1. What are your passions? Really, what are they (yes they, you have more than 1, work to figure out what they are, WORK!)? How could you use them to earn some money?
  2. What pisses you off about this world? What would you do to change it?
Now a little Larry Smith:

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