Don’t forget your fans and your supporters

Lately I have been blessed with some really great supporters. Really my whole life has been filled with supporters. I grew up in a really small town where everyone knew you whether you wanted them to or not. My small town was a place where the good and the bad was aired on a daily basis in our small shops, in the gas station, in the grocery store, in the barber shop. People talked a lot and shared the news and excitement of the day. My small town was like a real living soap-opera with all kinds of subplots and twists and turns. If you were a student and you smoked for the first time at the high school chances were your parents knew before you got home. This small town became my breeding ground for support. I’m sure some don’t feel this way but to me growing up in a small town provided me with just the right people to give me my early kicks in the ass and my gentle pats on the back.

I will never forget growing up in that small town and just now when I saw this amazing video “Tribute to the Helpful” I could not think about anything other than my hometown.

There is a whole lot of support out there if you are willing to look for it, embrace it, and pass some of it along.

How do you remember your fans and supporters? I try my best to stay in touch, to send cards, to write small notes. Every chance I get to speak in front of people I mention their names and talk about how important it is to find your team, to find your supporters, your fans, and never ever go a day without thinking about them. And finally, when you can, support them, help them, do for them what they would do for you.

So who are your fans? Who supports you? Do you even realize all the small things that people do to help you move forward?

Thank you to those out there who have ever helped me become the person I love being today! I will forever be in gratitude to you.

Thank you for helping me be a better athlete, a better teammate, for showing me what followership and leadership is all about, thank you for helping me communicate better, thank you for volunteering your time to help young people develop, thank you for rarely saying no but rather saying how can I help?, thank you for making me stand on those stages and give those speeches, thanks most of all for just being there and having an ear willing to listen. You are all amazing and you have to know I think about you lots and your legacy lives on as I continue to pass on the lessons you have taught me to others.

Please I ask one thing: Share a story of one of your most memorable supporters/fans in the comments section, I love reading those stories.

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