Find your story and sell more

I don’t know how many clients that I have worked with have struggled with sales and getting noticed but the number keeps growing. Well my friends life isn’t easy anymore there are thousands if not tens of thousands of choices in the market, which market you ask? It doesn’t matter, any market, pick one and there are an infinite number of choices. There are very few if any single company markets anymore. The choice between Coke and Pepsi just doesn’t exist these days. There are so may different drink types and flavours I mean even water isn’t just water anymore then multiply all of those by 10 when you add diet drinks and extra caffeine lines. Go to buy a car, go stand in a drink aisle, or the cereal aisle, or any aisle for that matter and you will be faced with CHOICE.

So the question still remains how do you get noticed? How do you increase your sales. One of the easiest things I have to say about this is GET OUT THERE. Talk about yourself, talk about your product, but above all else tell a story. Tell a story that is captivating. Say why you do the thing you do and what you believe in. If other people believe in that too then they will join you. I certainly have a lot of respect for what Simon Sinek had to say about all this in his TEDx talk recently:

I don’t know how many businesses I have worked with now that still think that opening their doors is enough. It’s not! You are but a mere speck in the infinite world of consumer choice and consumption. So you better be interesting, you better engage, and while you are at it why not be a little bit fun (thank you DollarShaveClub)

If you are ready to do a bit more business and have some fun then that is the part I can help you with. I love brainstorming and I love helping businesses grow by having some fun. Send me a note and we can get started or if you already have some really fun projects you are working on please post them in the comments section. I love reading, seeing, and/or listening to anything fun and innovative.

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