For well over a decade now I have been working with individuals, teams, and companies to help them grow and help them attain the goals that we have set together.

My name is Shawn MacDonell and after years of never being satisfied with one of my job titles “Life Coach” I am now taking on a name that has been handed down to me by many of my clients, “Professional Ass Kicker.” This is a name I have come to love and respect. When you take away all the fancy language and get to the core of what it is I do that is exactly it, I kick butt. I help people figure out what it is they want in life, design a plan (or two) to attain that goal, and then the best part, we go get it! Simple, isn’t it? If you and I can agree that you have a vision then you best be sure that I’m going to kick your ass all the way until you attain it. You will never have to worry about not achieving your goals because kicking ass is what I wake up for in the morning. I have kicked my own ass in so many ways (never as painful as it sounds) to achieve the things I want in life and I have never had a challenge that has stopped me from kicking others butts.

I want to answer questions and all of the people I work with will always tell you that I LOVE asking questions. There is nothing better than getting people’s mind thinking and percolating enough to provoke action.

Among everything else I am also a creative curator, a very active reflectionist (hurray new word!), a sports enthusiast, a lover of the cottage life, and a survival camp leader (hmm…somehow that all adds up to a really happy human being).

I’m also a failed (ok…misguided, that makes me feel better about myself) computer engineer, a has-been volleyball superstar, and a guy who never got a guitar for Christmas, therefore doesn’t know how to play and will never be the rock star he dreams of being (oh wait is that too much information?). Some may even describe me as an over-sharer.

Ok so that is me, how about you?

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