13 tips to growing business relationships

Today I had 3 clients give me a call about growing their business and they were looking for the BIG secret (dammit I hate the way society has interpreted that book) about how to make successful partnerships. Here is my advice:

  1. Be human.
  2. Love people (even if you have to pretend a little. *caution you are only allowed to do this for a little bit. See below for more on this topic).
  3. Look up people (businesses) you think are cool.
  4. Reach out with an email, a phone call, or my favourite a letter (you know with stamps and everything). Don’t be afraid if they say no, what do you have to lose? You don’t know them now anyway? Just makes room in your schedule to meet with other way cooler people.
  5. Stop being so damn stiff.
  6. Read as much about their stories before you meet them as you can. It is time well spent learning fun facts. It is also usually seen as someone really doing their homework.
  7. Have a meeting at an ice cream parlour, a bar, over some wine, at an art gallery, take them on a hike (aka be different. Show them part of your world or get to know their world a bit). My favourite meetings have been on the canal with some hot chocolate and beaver tails. And no this not some crazy younger generation thing. Last year I met with someone who I did work with on the canal and he was 56 years old and willing to try anything. Remember life and work can be fun if we choose to make it so. I mean all you have to do is ask (what’s the fear, they say no). Throw out the invite or ask them for an invite to a fun spot they love. Most of the clients I know are thrilled to get their butts out of the office.
  8. Listen to their stories.
  9. Ask questions.
  10. Tell a little bit of your story.
  11. Decide whether or not you want to spend more time working on something, anything with them or if you want to jump ship. Then proceed to go or no.
  12. Go away and brainstorm some cool projects and then throw them their way, see if they are interested.
  13. If they seem like good people then nurture that relationship and you just might find yourself beginning to love people, your work, and yourself a bit more.

My strategy all along in life (and it only keeps getting more and more engrained) is that I work with people who I love, who make me laugh, who I have a good time with. You know the saying ‘life is too damn short….well just don’t hang out with people you don’t get along with.

Of course sometimes this can be easier said than done because to be able to know the people you get along with you normally have to know yourself a little bit. If you follow along on here you will have probably figured out I don’t think too many people really do know themselves all that well. In fact I think part of us gets lost everyday when we aren’t doing the things we love. So maybe that is step 1. figure out who the hell you are and what you like first. Really think about it. What are some of your hobbies? When are the happiest, like really really happy? What are you doing? Who are you with? Inside or outside? Crowded or small group? What is something you could talk about all day long without ever knowing the time?

Back to my point, find the people that make you smile and harness all their energy. I have found so much power in reaching out and listening to their stories every day. Good or bad listen to what they have to say and you will learn lots, about them and about yourself. Who knows you follow this sage (hardy-hard) advice and you might just find some new friends along the way to building an amazing business.

ps. The biggest fear I hear all the time about reaching out is “well what if they don’t like me?” Well that is fine. Isn’t it? I mean if they don’t like you then you get to move on. Remember be yourself. I mean if you try to be funny, outgoing, and edgy but really you like being reserved and pretty calm then what is the point of putting on the fake personality? If they don’t like who you genuinely are then working together would probably only be a huge pain anyway.

Now get outta here and go reach out to someone you think is cool (this isn’t high school anymore, even though sometimes it might feel like it, you can talk to anyone. The playground is HUGE).

Word of mouth is social media

Lately I have been hearing a lot of the same comments be it in a training I am offering, a conference I am speaking at or attending, and/or a client I am working with, “I just don’t have the time to do social media.” This is usually followed by, “plus my business really runs on word of mouth advertising so social media isn’t really that big for me.” To all of that I sincerely say “bullshit!” I’m not sure if people have realized this or not yet but social media is word-of-mouth. I mean you are literally taking your word-of-mouth and exploding it’s reach. Therefore making time for social media is not something people should be scared of. I say scared quite deliberately because honestly I know what that feels like. “I won’t have anything to share”, “who will follow me?”, “what social media tools should I use?”, “couldn’t I spend a whole day on those sites not really being productive with my time?” These are all questions that flood people’s minds and I know this because they have all been a part of my thoughts as well at one point or another. All of this to say I am not touting social media as the ultimate solution to any business or even that social media should be king of all. What I mean to say is that social media is what it is. It is a way to build relationships and get to know others who you may never otherwise have the chance to meet (hi Gary Vaynerchuk and Sir Richard Branson). Social media is simply a tool. It is not something to be feared and it is not something to be overwhelmed by.

Of course not being feared and not being overwhelmed by it is easier said than done. My advice has always been for people to learn, to watch how others are using various platforms, to play with various platforms, to really take the time to understand how each of them operates and then and only then decide which one (or few) suits them. There is a social media platform to help just about anyone get more engaged with current clients, colleagues, future clients, and just people in general so you need to learn which one is best suited to your needs and capabilities. And yes it is going to take time. If you put the time in learning how to use Twitter properly and not just dismissing (without ever really seeing how people are using it productively) it as a 140 character narration of people’s useless lives with minute details then the benefits will be there. Social media is like anything else in your business it takes time to learn it but it can add great value.

One other thought on all of this, don’t ever let social media be all about you and what you are doing. While you are great and your services are amazing I don’t know how many times I visit a facebook page or a twitterfeed or anything for that matter only to see a sale notice or a discount notice or a new product being featured. Social media is an opportunity. It is an opportunity for others to get to know you. Interact with others, give opinions, take a stand, say what you are thinking and for goodness sakes be honest! Also just like real world interactions with business partners and clients social media is about relationships and conversations. Who do you trust? who do you listen to? who do you talk with? why? All of this translates directly into the world of social media.

Finally I must revisit the statement I am hearing over and over “I don’t have the time to do social media.” Fuck! if I hear that one more time from an entrepreneur who is struggling with customer engagement I’m going to pack up my bags and move into the woods (might do that anyway, still dreaming and scheming). Hello, Einstein can you say your famous line one more time? “by definition insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I mean holy crap people if you have been doing newspaper ads for hundreds of years and all of sudden they aren’t working like they used to (a very overused statement that I hear often, “oh but for years and years this has always worked”) isn’t it time to invest in learning a new form of communication and to try something a little different.

All of this to say I would never advocate ditching all the old methods because some of them are about who you are as a person and what the company’s character (do you think your company has character? what does it look like?) is all about. I still send old fashioned hand written letters to clients, prospects, and partners and I LOVE receiving them in the mail.

I guess the end result of this really long rant has been don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t forget all marketing or any selling is about RELATIONSHIPS. It is about having an open and honest conversation. So please go out and play, listen, learn, watch, and have a good time figuring out how best to connect with whomever it is you are trying to connect with (answering who you are trying to connect with is a great question and a much longer post at another time. Because believe me your business, even though you think it is, is NOT for everyone.)

The ever elusive viral video and the penguin.

So about 4 or 5 times a month I have a different business email me to ask if I would be willing to work to help them produce a viral video. I’m always excited to be contacted because of my creative design, my brainstorming skills, and my desire to work on the abstract and the abnormal. I always find it a huge compliment when people come knocking but I do have a few things to say about this so-called viral video phenomenon.

As a follow up to the viral video requests I usually send a message filled with all kinds of questions about their business, their message, their personality, their customers, and their expectations. This is the exact point where most of these conversations fall apart. Businesses know they want VIRAL and they know they want to make a video but what they rarely seem to know is their message. What is it that they will try to convey to their customers? I love asking 1 question in particular: What is the personality that you would like to show? A business almost never has an answer to this one. If you think about a business as it’s own entity then shouldn’t it have it’s own personality?

Here is my response to those that aren’t certain a personality is necessary but still want a viral video. I usually send them a copy of this video (mostly because I think it is funny and quite cute, wait can professional ass kickers say cute? Well I said it so get over it):

Then I ask them if I should make a video with a penguin in it because it has nearly 5.5 million views, pretty viral if you ask me, then we could just stick their website at the end (hmm…maybe I’m a bit too crass, what do you think?)

Yes video can be important and yes reaching out to potential millions if not billions of people on the web is an exciting thing but it takes a bit of time and a bit of planning. It also take a lot of getting to know what your message could look like? Then once you know your message how do you visually want to show it? 2 very important questions that will take time but should be fun creating if done properly.

So how do you hone your message? Your personality? I have a few easy tips from other projects I have had the pleasure of working on and some recent advice from an awesome guy I just had the pleasure of chatting with (thanks Drew Dudley).

1. Look at your current content and take all the individual words and images out leaving them by themselves on sticky notes. Then move them around and ask members of your team to pick only their top 3 words and/or images as it relates to the business. This should tell you something about your business and it’s personality.

2. Look at a competing brand/business and look at their messaging and images (are they doing some good work, some bad work, is it similar?). Now do the same thing as activity 1 only with their words and images. Do those words fit your business? Your brand? Your personality? Now ask yourself one VERY important question, how are you different? Why would a consumer want to pick you over them?

3. Ask. Throw out all the words and images you have and start all over. Ask both colleagues and consumers for 1 whole week to just describe your business over and over and over (you can do this in a million different ways-seek creative help if need be to do this in a fun and engaging way). Let those who work in your service and those who USE your service describe you. Believe me this will be an eye-opener for sure. Let it be honest and let it be anonymous (that’s usually where having someone like me come in can be helpful. I don’t work for the business and I can group lots of answers together so people tend to talk a whole lot more freely around me.)

4. Play! Brainstorm all kinds of ideas, play with words, do some colouring, redesign with some mock ups, let loose (again, something adults have become crappy at but an area where I can help most excel. Tends to be the number 1 reason most hire me). This means creating both time and space to do this.

5. Watch. Find some of the funniest and most impactful videos that you can on the internet and look for the cues that really got you hooked. How would those work with your message? With your personality?

6. Plan. Find a bit of time to go over various concepts and put together some storyboards (this by no means has to be a professionally drawn concept but rather a rough outline of how the whole production would flow). Ask yourself what could each part of the video look like? Do all the scenes lead to a strong message? A strong personality?

7. Finally this is a step I just heard about yesterday thanks to Drew. What about thinking about an Anti-Commercial. What would that look like? What kind of language would you use? What kind of corny nostalgic material would you put in it? Who would you get for a cameo? What if you wanted no one on the planet to buy your goods or services, what would that look like? I bet there is some hilarity in there that might just spark a few good ideas.

8. Ok now you are all done and you have shot your video, wonderful! Now what’s the plan for getting it to the masses?

These are some of the tips and a hint at just some of the process I would use to help you design any kind of video you like. So the next time you hit that send button to any company about making a viral video you better be prepared to share your message (a good company can help you craft this) and your personality (one last hint, if they don’t ask you about your personality then chances are that company probably isn’t the right one to work with). Also a good company will be able to gather stories and help you define your personality.

I guess in the end I can ask this: What is your penguin that you would like to show the world?

Put yourself out there

Figuring out what you want in life can sometimes be difficult but when you do figure out my advice to everyone is: Put yourself out there!

Recently I have been having some really interesting discussions about producing, creating, and sharing. The first discussion started during a meeting where a fellow colleague of mine (let’s call her Sharon) was discussing a friend of hers (let’s call the friend Amanda). This friend of hers, Amanda, had been pitching a television idea to a few executives only to find out that it would be turned down. However, only months later a very similar television show is now one of the most exported shows from Canadian broadcasting yet. Amanda was heartbroken. This lead Sharon to telling me all about how terrible the television industry can be. While I am usually all ears and ready to listen my response was something that I don’t think Sharon was ready to hear. While I sympathized with Amanda’s story I was not willing to bend on the fact that one singular television show idea should completely define Amanda and her work. My response was something like ‘well I hope she has continued to work on really amazing shows.’ What I heard back was sad. Sharon proceeded to tell me that Amanda was crushed and that after this heartbreak she was thinking of switching into a new industry. End of story 1.

Secondly, I remembered about a month ago reading a great piece from Rian about Going Out on a Limb so I had to go back and re-read her great piece on the topic. In particular I loved this line: I hope you have something like that, something that pushes you to get out into the world and be more “you.”

Thirdly, as a I continue to do some research and write a few notes on several books I am writing/dreaming I revisited Hugh MacLeod’s amazing book Ignore Everybody And 39 Others Keys to Creativity. I loved the simplicity of the read and the advice given the first time I read the book. Nothing changed the second or third time for me. Hugh’s idea around keep producing and working hard is just common sense and something that we don’t hear or put into action often enough. I mean if we love doing something why don’t we just do it?

Then the next thing that happened as this post was beginning to take shape I woke up yesterday only to find that my good friend, Susan Murphy, had written this piece: The number one thing holding you back from creating great content. Suze had written this piece so nicely and for me the message around FEAR being the number one thing holding people back really resonates. I work with people and organizations all the time that are afraid of putting themselves out there. They have these brilliant ideas or these amazing talents and they just never seem to be willing to believe in themselves and put themselves out there. Just like Suze said, it’s because people are afraid. Think about it, how many friends do you have that you encourage to bake more or sing more or dance more because they have amazing talents. We all know friends who amaze us with their hidden talents and we are very quick to point them out, we encourage them to share their talents with us, we sign them up for karaoke, we drag them to open mic nights, we post their poems up, we ask them to be in videos, we love them and we push them. But when the finger gets pointed back at us we tend to shy away from it, why is that? 

Then I saw this amazing demonstration of this young girl PUTTING HERSELF OUT THERE and I just had to write this post and share the story:


I mean really in truly what did this girl have to lose? She was either going to get a job offer, which I’m sure she never thought would actually happen, or Ellen would see it, think it was funny or not, would maybe show it on air and have a good laugh or not, or the WORST thing Ellen that could happen…Ellen would never see it and nothing would happen. I mean really are any of those things really that bad? She tried it, she put herself out there and it paid off. Yes I know this is an exceptional example but I could post at hundreds of more links that have articles written on the same topic and/or have similar stories to the young lady on the Ellen show. So I ask this again, what are you waiting on? What hidden talent do you have? What do you want to do in this world? Why the hell are you not doing it?

So what are you doing, why are you still reading this post? Get out there!

Small things matter

For a few days now no matter where I seem to be looking or what I seem to be reading (Airbnb: From Stars to Hearts) I am reminded, overwhelmingly I might add, that the small things matter. I always love this message. I mean it sounds obvious. But it is something that I think we often forget as our world moves faster and faster hurdling forward.

When businesses start ‘the small things matter’ seems to be a philosophy that we all understand and follow instinctively. You send thank you notes, you take those out that have supported you for drinks, you spend extra time with your staff, you certainly never released any products or services without testing them to death, you looked after all the small things. Somehow though as we begin to grow we forget the small things. Two of the best (worst?) industry examples of this is how telecommunications companies (Bell, Telus…)  along with the banking world (RBC, BMO…) all have special, ongoing promotions for NEW customers. It is nice to get a special discount or a welcome note. But to this I ask why not a loyalty discount that wants to make me stay (yes a $2 discount coupon is nice but you just gave my friend $500 for switching)? What about a thank you note for being such a loyal customer for over 10 years, perhaps even hand written if you truly care. Perhaps a free month after a year of service wouldn’t kill you? Perhaps even having technical support that seems to want to help me would be nice, is that too much to ask for? Where in all of our business dealings did we forget that we are human beings? Where did we forget about relationship building?

Funny how changing something as simple as the stars on Airbnb to hearts made such a big difference to their business. This is the kind of minute detail work that is needed if you wish to succeed in your business. Almost all of the clients that come to me are looking at the bigger picture and are looking for a re-brand or an overhaul and sometimes that just doesn’t have to be the case. If you take the time to get to know your audience and you understand what matters to them, at the moment (because boy o’ boy can it switch), then making small changes can mean a big difference for you.

Appreciate your customers, appreciate those who supported you early on, make them feel special (because they are), and never stop thinking about the little things (of course don’t sweat them either, but pay attention to them).

So what small things can you think of that might make a big difference?  What small things matter to your customers? To your audience? What small things matter to you?

Tales from the home office

Get your ass out of bed, stagger tiredly to the kitchen, grab a cup of ‘pick me up’, grab your internet machine, slouch down into your comfiest chair and now you’re ready to get to work! Sound inspiring? Oh and the episode doesn’t end there. Your house will never be cleaner, your dishes will never be washed so many times, clothes and closets will be organized and reorganized, pets will get a whole lot of attention (even if they are your neighbours pets) for anyone that ever finds themselves working from home this might be a more familiar story than you think. You are not alone, many people all across Canada and the globe are choosing (forced) to work from home, some more productive than others. Some of these home workers are graduate students doing research, entrepreneurs, or telecommuters.

For all those working at home who are suffering from ‘anythingotherthanworkitis’ I have some tips. Some tips that have helped me, and tips that have helped those I work with.

  1. Wake up and GET out of the house. Go for a walk, grab a newspaper, meet people. Yes, even in the winter if you live where it is cold, get the hell out of your house. I have found this to be the thing that wakes me up in the morning, gets my brain moving, and allows me to get out of my pajamas and into some clothes that may be more conducive to looking like you might do some work today.
  2. Trick time. One thing that I have found to be super helpful while learning how to work from home (or period) has been to break things down into the smallest amounts of time as possible. For instance instead of completing a WHOLE chapter in one day, challenge yourself to finish just 2 sentences. You will find that as you sit down to just finish 2 sentences you will get into the ‘groove’ and you will work longer. The hardest part to most tasks is getting them started.
  3. Write it down. Yes, simple but effective. If you can’t see it glaring at you in the face then it is just that much easier to avoid.
  4. Share it. Even better than writing it down share it with someone. This helps to make yourself accountable. I have done this with several of the athletes I work with. If  they have papers to write and they want to make the deadline a week earlier than when it is due they will arrange to send it to me. Otherwise, they will just not be able to trick themselves into completing the paper before the real deadline.
  5. Rewards! I use a Smarties/M&M/Skittles system. Incredibly sophisticated as it is this system allows me to reward myself in little jolts of excitement. Pretty much weekly there are 2 bowls on my desk, 1 bowl is filled with some form of sugar rewarding rush while the other is empty. Every time I deem something that I have done as productive I take one candy and place it in the other bowl. When the bowl that was empty is full I know I have done lots of productive things, I get to eat the candy, and I take a day off. So how will your reward system work? Will it be as sophisticated as mine?
  6. Rest. When you work from home it can be all encompassing. There is no such thing as taking work home-it’s all around you all the time. Just because it is readily available doesn’t mean you have to work ALL the time.
  7. Take notes. My home office is filled with books, has a wall that is painted in white board paint, and has hundreds of sticky notes in it. There are a million things you could be doing and should be doing. You will get phones calls and emails galore, people will decide that since you work at home they can connect with you at any time. For those people they get nothing more than a courteous ‘I will take a note of that and get back to you tomorrow’. Not only will other people barge in on your time but your frigging brain will always be bombarded by messages from everywhere. Now that you are at home you can turn on the TV, the radio, people are walking outside, you can freely surf the internet. All of these things can lead to hundreds of hours of time flying by. When I’m watching TV show X at 6pm I might have a brilliant world changing idea. Do I jump up and get working on it? I write a note ‘start working on world changing idea tomorrow.’
  8. Find your time to work. All of the above stated, you work at home so your hours don’t have to be 9 to 5 (most of the time). I love this about my work. I am an early riser and I love working in the hours when every one else is not. I get a whole lot of work done with almost no interruptions. I mean facebook statuses are rarely being updated at 5:30am at the feverish pace that they are at say 10am (less distraction). Find the hours you work well in and make those your core hours.

Now for all you folk who actually go to a place of work that is not your home do not think for a second that we home office workers are fooled by what your schedule can look like as well.

So what are some of your tips? How do you work from your home office? I would love to hear some ideas and suggestions.

It’s a numbers game…but what do those numbers tell us?

Many of you may have noticed, I disappeared. Without any warning I just dropped off the “internet” for a little while. The reaction was actually the most interesting part. I got quite a few emails from those who were looking for more ass-kicking. It is amazing to me how much we can touch people’s lives without us never even knowing it. For months and months I had been writing away and posting  things all over the place. Then I decided to take a break. Hide out at a cottage for a while and enjoy some sun and allow for some much needed re-energizing, yes indeed, even a professional ass kicker needs to give his boots a break once in awhile and get his feet firmly back under him. It has been a really wonderful summer! But now I’m back and ready to share some more of my learning from my own life and those around me.

So what have a I learned lately? Well 1 thing is for sure. You are making a difference in people’s lives everyday whether they tell you that or not. Therefore, keep plugging away and doing the work that you love because it is helping. Fascinating to me though that we don’t tell people how much they help us or change our lives so quickly. After receiving some emails after I went “off-air” it made me think-‘wow do I do that to people? Do people help me and I don’t really let them know what a great job they are doing?’ So my mission this month is to thank every person who is excelling at their job and excelling in life to provide me with quick service, friendly smiles, filling my head with wonderful and inspiring information, and all the other good stuff that exists in life. I honestly can’t say that I do that now. I know I complain a lot when I get bad service, someone cuts me off in a line, and/or I get ripped off on some bill but what if I spent more time thanking those that are doing all the little things right? Wouldn’t that make my life and theirs so much better. Perhaps that is the lesson: Ignore those who are not helping and appreciate those who are. Even if it is just the little things.

Ok so what about the title? What about the numbers? Well when I just kind of went “off-air” (it should be noted I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it, it just happened) one of my really close business friends scowled at me and said “WHAT ABOUT YOUR NUMBERS? Shawn you have to keep writing, you have to stay in contact, you have to constantly be publishing, and creating new things, you will lose ALL of your people.” My friend even asked me how often I check my numbers. Believe me I understood where he was coming from. I know that readers like new content and that they do get distracted and venture off onto new things. That said though I’m not NUMBER crazy. I don’t look at my statistics everyday maybe not even every week. I look at the numbers casually but what I’m most interested in is making connections. I want to really understand who it is that is reading the things I write, why they are reading it, and how else I may be able to help. I really want to just get to know people. The best thing about my numbers (at least what I think, and really isn’t that all that matters) is that people from over 50 different countries are reading what I write. I love that I have a chance and have connected with people doing amazing things from all around the world. This internet thing can be just so amazing. It gives us a chance to meet like-minded and diametrically opposed minded people from almost every nook and cranny. I know these numbers get me excited. Even more than the numbers, names get me excited, stories get me excited, personalities get me excited. So what do your numbers tell you? What do you want your numbers to tell you? Loyalty vs Breadth? That is always the question for me.

The lesson I learned from the numbers discussion: Numbers can be important and fun to watch. It helps you understand growth patterns and it can help you decide what is relevant. But, and this is a big BUT don’t get too caught up in the numbers. Remember you are a person and that all the content you are writing is for other PEOPLE. Get to know a few of them if not all of them and you will be amazed at what you can find out.

Welcome back and thanks for sticking around! Next time should I let you know I’m taking a hiatus?

Find your story and sell more

I don’t know how many clients that I have worked with have struggled with sales and getting noticed but the number keeps growing. Well my friends life isn’t easy anymore there are thousands if not tens of thousands of choices in the market, which market you ask? It doesn’t matter, any market, pick one and there are an infinite number of choices. There are very few if any single company markets anymore. The choice between Coke and Pepsi just doesn’t exist these days. There are so may different drink types and flavours I mean even water isn’t just water anymore then multiply all of those by 10 when you add diet drinks and extra caffeine lines. Go to buy a car, go stand in a drink aisle, or the cereal aisle, or any aisle for that matter and you will be faced with CHOICE.

So the question still remains how do you get noticed? How do you increase your sales. One of the easiest things I have to say about this is GET OUT THERE. Talk about yourself, talk about your product, but above all else tell a story. Tell a story that is captivating. Say why you do the thing you do and what you believe in. If other people believe in that too then they will join you. I certainly have a lot of respect for what Simon Sinek had to say about all this in his TEDx talk recently:

I don’t know how many businesses I have worked with now that still think that opening their doors is enough. It’s not! You are but a mere speck in the infinite world of consumer choice and consumption. So you better be interesting, you better engage, and while you are at it why not be a little bit fun (thank you DollarShaveClub)

If you are ready to do a bit more business and have some fun then that is the part I can help you with. I love brainstorming and I love helping businesses grow by having some fun. Send me a note and we can get started or if you already have some really fun projects you are working on please post them in the comments section. I love reading, seeing, and/or listening to anything fun and innovative.

A new club in Ottawa-make the changes you need

I’ve been working on this one for a while and after a few years of people asking to make it happen I have finally put together some pretty good material. I am excited to offer this new LIVE professional ass kicking club. Just like the boot camps that people are joining to lose weight, gain muscle, and overall get physically fitter this club is going to kick people’s butts and minds. This club will work to help you lose some of the negativity and hesitation you have in your life, it will help you gain some self confidence and assurance, it will push you mind to grow and to act. This club will be the difference for some in their ability to succeed or fail. This club will push people’s limits and will ask them to achieve beyond their limits. If any of this sounds like something you would like to have happen in your life then please by all means check it out, send me a message, or like batman just shine the symbol of a boot in the air and I’ll be there.

If you think you need a quick kick in the butt or you know someone that could then sign up today: http://bootclub.eventbrite.ca/