Question of the week

This is the place where each week I ask and you have the freedom to answer. You can answer here, answer in some creative way and send me a picture, make a video and post it, just take the time to think about it. I mean really when do we take the time to think about this stuff?

What is 1 thing you wished you would never have to regret?

5 thoughts on “Question of the week

  1. Spend my winters in Quartzsite, Arizona. A small frontier town, summer pop approx 3000, winter 1,000,000 people in motor homes, trailers all living in the desert in the sunshine. I teach wire wrapping there and sit back and watch my grapefruit grow. In the summer I will travel around Canada, working odd jobs here and there to augment the pension.

    • hmm…does opportunity need to arise or do you create the opportunities? But yes jumping in and going full blast I think is something you should never have to regret. Give it your all and enjoy and learn from every experience.

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