Going the wrong way can be fun

wrong-wayI have been living on a one way street for over 2 years now and I have to say it has never really been dull. I absolutely love watching people dart up the wrong way only to realize they are on a one way street and then watching what they do. Interesting how people’s minds work. There are 2 very different reactions I have noticed when it comes to dealing with the one-way.



1. Cautious and go back:

The first is always the slightly embarrassed driver who notices they are going the wrong way, looks around to make sure no one has seen them and then finds a spot to turn around quietly and pretend it never happened.

2. Damn it, to hell with it:

These folks quickly realize they are on a wrong way and then say to hell with it and speed down before anyone else comes in or ever realize they were there.

It is so very interesting that those who fit into part 2 always seem to have a bit of a smirk on their face as they realize they are going the wrong way but for some reason it is fun to them and at the end it seems like an adrenaline rush. They are so proud that they just went for it and it worked.

Most recently I watched as a nearly 90 year old grandmother was venturing down the street when she suddenly realized she was headed in the wrong direction and I thought for sure she would fit into category 1, wrong! She sped up in her 1988 Volvo and made it all the way to the end turned right.

Now I’m certainly not condoning jumping in your car and heading down a one-way street headed in the wrong direction but holy can it ever be exhilarating. Rather, I use this though more as a metaphor for how people deal with unexpected outcomes/barriers/challenges/opportunities in their lives. I mean sure you could back up slowly and turn around when it is safe and pretend like nothing ever really happened but just once maybe wouldn’t it be fun to just go for it. Just hit the accelerator do something a little out of the ordinary? You know kind of like Mr. Bean.

So this I ask of all you folk out there waiting for a good kick in the pants? What are you waiting for? Are you nervous? Worried? GOOD! Enjoy that feeling and learn to embrace that feeling. Believe me you will love it.

ps. If you have a great story about a one-way I would love to hear it.