For me it’s about TGIM! Stop hatin’ on Monday

mondayFor far too long I have sat back and not said anything or ranted about this topic but today that must change. Today I must confess my love for something that for many of you may seem weird, unusual, horrendous, and yes even unpatriotic. I am in love with Mondays! Phew there I said it.

Every Monday morning I wake up to messages like the following:

“All the coffee. #monday

“I love driving [sic] on Monday morning we are all in such a great mood! There should be only 2 kinds of pedestrians allowed on the streets during rush hour, the quick ones and the dead ones….”

“Well we have come to another sunday night…which means tomorrow is monday FML can we just skip to friday!”

These messages and a million more are plastered all over facebook and twitter. People are screaming for their weekends not to end. They are hating on Monday as though it did something wrong to them.

Well to all of them I say this: you my friends are in the wrong professions. You my friends are hating on Monday when really it is you, you should be hating for picking boring and mundane professions that do not give you the thrills and excitement that my Monday gives me. For far too long Monday has been the dreaded day so far removed from Friday (only after 4pm), Saturday, and Sunday that it strikes fear, anxiety, rage, and even sadness in so many hearts across the world. People are working for the weekends (for crap sakes there is even songs about it).

What the hell? Why? I know it sounds really weird but Monday is the beginning of a whole new week for me. Monday is the day I get up and I get to work on all the things I love. This is not to say that I hate my weekends but rather appreciate all the days for what they have to offer. Monday is a good chance to start all over again. Monday is the day when I get to start having all my “beerstorming” meetings, my awesome phone calls from clients who want to work on crazy ideas and fun videos begin again, my long lunches and my meetings with clients at the Great Canadian Bungee or at the National Art Gallery come to shape. Sure my weekends are filled with cottage time, sports days, family and friend time, but if you’re careful about what you choose to do in life you will never have to live just for those 2.5 days out of the 7 day week.

Choosing is hard believe me I know it. But holy shit to only live for 2.5 days out of 7 seems crazy to me. Monday can be a glorious day if you search long and hard for what it is you want to do.

Happy Monday everyone.