It’s great to be scared

I was listening to an interview on the radio the other day and I have to say I heard one of the most profound quotes I may have ever heard. The quote was simple, it was to the point, and it really struck me as being a brilliant one.

“When you are scared you fight harder than you ever have before, so don’t be afraid to be scared.”

In all the years of coaching in all fields, academically, athletically, personal, executive, and in groups I have never heard a truer or simpler statement. I also can honestly say that as an entrepreneur this should be high up on anyone’s list of beliefs. If there is a day when you are not afraid of something, be it failure, money not coming in, the message that you are giving out, your brands image, whatever it is that you might be afraid of in that moment then you are truly not doing something right. I believe that if you are not afraid then you are not pushing your limits far enough. Continue reading