Life never gets easier but maybe a little clearer

To me life can be a beautiful picture as we move forward, as we embrace the bends and turns and curves that life throws at us. Believe me there are days when I wish there were a straight path, a path that contains the least resistance, but then what fun would that be? A little bit of panic, a little bit of sweat, pain, tears, and persistence is what truly can make all those good days become the BEST days.

I have been so fortunate lately to have been moving closer and closer to the work that I know I love, to the work that makes my spine shiver when most things go right.

Recently I have been working with Company ABC (not to be confused with Company XYZ) to do some change management and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. People are fascinating creatures and putting a group of people together and saying “produce” is even more fascinating. I am falling more and more in love with the human puzzle that we call offices and “work”. I mean does anyone else find it fascinating that every single one of us is supposed to be a “snowflake” (no two alike) and that we all coexist and cohabit to produce “things” and in most cases we do it pretty darn well with only the occasional hiccup along the way (in most cases).

What I love about this work is that Company ABC came to me on a whim and a notion that there was 1 singular issue; 1 singular person that might be causing a whole lot of challenges in their business. But in reality when we lifted the mat up there were all kinds of things that had been swept under there for years. There were deeper roots that needed some trimming. To me this was a big challenge with a bit of a discovery to take on but one that, luckily, Company ABC was willing to embark upon. I also have to give HUGE credit to the fact that what they (the managing partners) were willing to do, in bringing all of their employees into the process, and in trusting the process was a vastly beneficial and unfortunately far to uncommon factor in this processes success. Change management is by all accounts not easy and usually entails a bit more mess but in the end if all are heard and a few things are shifted often times calm and cleanliness begin to take shape.

So what have I learned:

  1. I love human nature and examining human nature even more than I ever thought I did.
  2. I REALLY love working with teams and discovering group dynamics.
  3. That Creativision needs to take a bit of a shift itself-for the better.
  4. There is nothing better in life for me than to see other people succeed beyond their own beliefs.
  5. I have profound respect for those that are willing to trust and to make changes and to get messy and to try new things.
  6. That I never want life to stop throwing me curveballs.

In the end I ask….

What are some of the lessons that you are learning about yourself on a daily basis? How much effort are you putting into learning more about yourself and making yourself happier?